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Organization of education process combined with relatively small number of students provide a friendly atmosphere in the classroom and builds a good relationship between students and lecturers. This in turn allows us to accomplish our teaching philosophy, that aims at encouraging students to join in carrying out the high-quality research. This is achieved through students' participation in specialized student laboratories and in student research groups, as well as through individual contact with the staff of Institute of Physics.





Bachelor in Physics with IT


Students receive a thorough education in both physics and computer science. In this way they gain proficiency in using computers to solve complex problems, not only related to physics, but also to other areas, where analytical and computational thinking is a key factor. The main foreign language taught during the study course is English. Graduates become fluent in this language in speaking and writing and are able to read specialized literature and technical documentation. Education in physics and computer science, including operating systems, IT engineering, programming combined with the ability of analytic thinking, makes the graduates attractive employees for both industry and a wide range of private companies, such as banks, market analysis companies, consulting firms, stock market, or governmental offices.


MSc in Physics



The second level of studies is two years long and students may choose between two specializations: Carbon Physics and Organic Microelectronics. The emphasis is on deepening students' proficiency in physics mainly by working on projects in specialized laboratories. Students learn about advanced topics of physics and listen to specialized lectures introducing them to the research frontiers of contemporary physics. At this level of studies the students are invited to participate in the state-of-the-art research carried out by the staff of Institute of Physics. Graduates are prepared both to take up a job in high-tech industry or in a wide range of private companies (banks, market analysis and consulting firms, stock market, governmental offices, etc) and to start PhD studies and work in science.


Education Offer and Study Program for Physics

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